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Welcome to Vulcania Reinforcing’s official website, where one can see the true power behind the Big Red V. Vulcania Reinforcing’s website will offer you as our customer the latest and up to date news on products, special service as well as a hands on and easy way to...



“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” -
                                       Walt Disney

The primary threat to a business today is the perception by customers that all you offer is...


What's new?

Vulcania Reinforcing Solutions is continuously looking for creative ways to reinvent and recreate reinforcing. Brand new to Vulcania Reinforcing Solutions is Bakkie mesh. Bakkie mesh can be transported quickly safely and most importantly legally on the back of your Bakkie...


Company Profile

Reinforced mesh

Vulcania Reinforcing Solutions is a multitalented and resourceful organisation dealing with a diverse package of reinforced mesh, rebar and other unique steel products. Vulcania Reinforcing Solutions is a member of South African Fabrics Reinforcing Association...


Current Specials

Reinforcing bars

Vulcania Reinforcing's special offers ensure that you get the best products and quality, at the best price. Whatever your requirements, and whatever your budget, our specials
will make your purchases affordable. Sometimes you might not find what you're looking for...




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